What Canine Arthritis is and how you can Help Prevent Your Dog From Getting it

Surprisingly enough to many people, it is not only we humans that can get arthritis, but rather our beloved furry friends can get it too. There is truly no cure for arthritis after it sets in, but there are certain things that we can do in order to attempt to prevent it as best we can, and this applies to our pet friends as well.

Canine Arthritis

Basically for the most part all animals can get arthritis in one form or another however one of the most common is that of canine arthritis; canine arthritis is quite simply arthritis that occurs in dogs, and it can be an incredibly sorrowful experience, as sometimes the canine arthritis can get really bad and then you have to watch your beloved pet going through pain. However if you take the proper steps, then they should be able to live an incredibly long and healthy life, free of arthritis.

For example, if you change your dog's diet then this should help, for example you should be sure that you are providing a high-quality dog food to your dog and this means that the food should have no preservatives, food colorings, wheat, corn, or soy products, for instance, and as well, you want to find a dog food that is low fat and one which has low carbohydrates as well, if possible.

Another good idea to prevent your dog from getting canine arthritis is to provide supplements to your dog that reduces arthritic swelling and pain; for instance you can give your dog a glucosamine tablet, and this can be regularly if need be. Glucosamine is a supplement which helps the body to be able to manufacture glycosaminoglycans, which are designed to maintain proper cartilage structure.

As well, you will also want to reduce any unwanted weight in your dog if it is necessary, as extra weight on a dog will automatically put extra pressure on the dog's joints and thus will cause more pain and swelling eventually; in order to do this, you want to start off by reducing the amount of treats that the dog receives for instance, because this will automatically decrease the fat that is in their diet overall.

As well, you want to make sure that the dog is getting an appropriate amount of exercise on a daily basis, as this - same with humans - will be a main cause to your dog being overweight.