The Arthritis Medicine That Works

When arthritis strikes, you will be harassed by a lot of pain. The pain will mostly increase with the amount of activity that you need to undertake. Given the fact that arthritis is incurable, it becomes very important that you know about the correct arthritis medicines which can give you relief when the pain becomes intolerable. Most people who suffer from mild arthritis reach out for over-the-counter pain killers and/or which give temporary relief. However, the best relief is offered by the anti-inflammatory arthritis medicine.

The Dangers Of Abuse Of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Since the anti-inflammatory drugs are the most widespread and (what is more is most important) effective arthritis medicines, it is normal that these are the number one preference of the majority of the people. There are few things that everybody should know about these arthritis medicines and take adequate precautions.

1. The anti-inflammatory drugs that work so well as arthritis medicine, can expose you to potential heart risks. Hence, those with heart history should be very careful not to abuse the use of the mediation. Better still, do not go for these type of pain killers unless it is prescribed by the doctor, in the dosage thus recommended.

2. Moderation is the key - whenever there is an emergency, you may take a low doze of the pain-killer and anti-inflammatory drug. In case you have any chronic disease that involves the heart, kidney or liver, look for other alternatives, as this treatment may aggravate the situation to a dangerous level.

3. Keep a close tab on your hydration level - these drugs are known to cause acute dehydration. Hence, when you take these medicines, you will need to drink plenty of water.

4. Protect your stomach from acidity - consuming these medicines frequently, mostly on an empty stomach creates high acidity and indigestion. Ensure that you take the medicines only after or with food. Have at hand a good anti-acid and if the acidity symptoms worsen, have 2-3 teaspoons every 1-2 hours or till you get relief.

5. Avoid alcohol when on painkillers - many are aware that this combination is many times lethal. As much as possible never consume anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory medicines along with alcohol. Besides the fact that this combination can dangerously dehydrate the body, it also can cause drowsiness which can prove fatal when you are driving.

The above are some very important tips that you should keep in mind when you are looking about for arthritis medicine.