A Few Helpful Tips To Alleviate Arthritis In Dogs

A common and difficult disorder to manage is arthritis in dogs and one in every five dogs over the age of seven may have it. Arthritis in dogs are a painful condition that can affect not only the dog's joints but may also occur in its neck, shoulders, hips and back as well as elbows. But, one need not worry too much as there are solutions that one may use at home to relieve the aches as well as pains in the dog's joints. One may begin by changing the dog's diet and one should make sure that the dog gets high quality dog food that does not contain extra preservatives, food coloring, and corn, wheat or soy products. The dog may be given low fat and low carbohydrate diet and avoid giving it grains which may cause aggravation to the inflammation as well as arthritis condition. Preparing home cooked meals with raw meat or vegetables would certainly help.

Give Supplements And Keep The Weight Down

To help alleviate arthritis in dogs, one should also give the dog supplements that reduce arthritic swelling and pain and that might involve giving the dog glucosamine tablets that help the dog to manufacture glycosminoglycans that are designed to maintain its cartilage structure. Also, such supplements help to attract water into the cartilage that provides extra nutrition as well as lubricates the cartilage and also inhibits enzymes that may destroy the cartilage.

The dog should also not have excess weight since that would put added pressure on the joints and result in extra pain as well as swelling. One way of curing arthritis in dogs would be to drastically reduce the treats it is given as also by cutting back on the amount of food it is given and also changing the diet to low fat. In addition, the dog should be made to exercise and whenever possible give it ten to fifteen minute walks every day and also take it for swims which would help it exercise without stressing the joints. Also, to alleviate arthritis in dogs, one should keep it warm and cozy on cold and damp days and set up a soft bed or some layers of fleece in areas where the dog normally sleeps. An insulated dog house would also help as would soft bedding on the floors. And, one may also apply a hot water bottle with warm water on the dog's aching joints in an effort to alleviate the pain of arthritis in dogs.