How To Adapt To An Arthritis Diet That Helps The Disease

There are two schools of thought on arthritis diet and its impact on the disease; while one school maintains that there is precious little one can do with the help of food to control pain and degeneration of cartilage, the other school of thought insists that everything that we eat has an impact on our body and mind.

Eating Healthy Can Improve Your Health

The above mentioned caption is a universally accepted concept. Hence, it is proper to believe that food plays a very important role in our day-to-day life. It is not difficult to see the connection between food and the dreaded disease called arthritis. Accordingly, the second school of thought advices the following:

Eliminate all red meats, dairy products and fruits from your diet - medically speaking there is nowhere any evidence that such a drastic cut in protein and nutrients would indeed be helpful. Removing meat from the diet could be healthy; however, speaking from common sense cutting the other items off might not be very beneficial. This cannot be the right arthritis diet.

Add to your daily diet the nightshade vegetable. This vegetable is a low-calorie full of required nutrients. This looks like a good addition to the list of the 'wanted food' or arthritis diet positive ingredients.

Do not eat frozen foods - try to cook large quantities of food so it stays from morning until the night; do not at anytime eat from the freezer. This advice may have some credibility because it is said that frozen food loses more than 50 percent of their nutrient content during the process of freezing.

Eat small quantities of food many times a day, rather than three large meals every day. A lot of ailments will disappear once you change your eating habits. Eating small meals each day allows the body to digest well and process all that it was eaten until the intake at the next meal. This reduces the acidity that usually the stomach is prone to during this time. Since acidity is a known culprit with arthritis, this arthritis diet can prove helpful in this regard.

Avoid fat in your diet - most animal products contain the bad fats (saturated fats) which actually can aggravate the inflammation if any already existing. Hence, it makes sense to completely remove fat from this particular diet.

Looking at the above statement you can see a clear pattern emerging, food can indeed help to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. However, even if this arthritis diet is perfected to the T, it can still not reverse the disease. In conclusion, the arthritis diet is healthier than an ordinary one; however, it really does not make any earth-shattering impact.