Is There a Hope For an Arthritis Cure?

There is no cure for arthritis. It sounds grim, but this is the plain truth. You can do a lot before arthritis sets in. However, once it damages the cartilage, there is no way this process can be reversed; hence there is no arthritis cure. This is why the diagnosis of arthritis can be quite traumatic for most people who immediately conjure pictures in their mind of terribly misshapen fingers and body as a result of this disease and a permanent date with pain.

There is no need for things to be like that. Though the modern medicine has not really found a permanent arthritis cure, there are ways and means by which the effects of the disease can be slowed down, the pain reduced and thus add a good number of qualitative years to your life.

You Can Prevent if Not Cure Arthritis

1. Use water to delay the damage - At the earliest signs of trouble, you make water your best friend ever. Cartilage damage is mostly due to the squeezing out of the synovial fluid which keeps the cartilage moist and lubricated. The liquid gets squeezed out everytime the joint is used, and due to lack of water the synovial fluid cannot get regenerated, thus resulting in friction between the cartilages. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily in order to prevent this from happening.

2. Keep them moving - The saying 'use it or lose it' cannot be more apt than in this context. When the joints start feeling pain, it means that the damage is setting in; many people out of fear of the pain stop moving as much as possible. They would stop walking, exercising and even doing household chores. In this way the joints would literally get stiff, and when forced to move, the cartilage would be as brittle as ever. For arthritis relief, there are special exercises in water, called aquatic exercises which are formulated to relieve such pain.

3. Yoga and pain relief in arthritis - Yoga has proved again and again that it is the most efficient for controlling the pain and even reversing the capacity to move certain limbs and affected joints. Yoga can be practiced by anyone and everyone. However, in order for this system to work, you should be regular and you should perform the asanas correctly.

It is true that there is indeed no arthritis cure; however, if one is careful, and lives within a given disciplined regime, the effects of this disease can be reduced to a very large extent.