What Causes Arthritis And How Can It Be Fought Effectively?

Arthritis is a highly debilitating disease which affects all the joints of the body. Women, it seems, are affected by the disease faster. Arthritis is also known to affect young, old and even children in equal measure. When faced with the pain that this disease causes the first reaction is self medication with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Some Major Symptoms Caused By Arthritis

There are many symptoms caused by arthritis the most problematic being the paralyzing pain in the joints. The arthritis being a condition that causes inflammation in joints, the first trouble usually comes from a stiff knee or a wrist.

The factors that cause arthritis are dependent upon what type of arthritis you are suffering from. There are two major types - (i) Osteoarthritis and (ii) rheumatoid arthritis. The Osteoarthritis is mostly caused by wear and tear and/or injury of the ligaments, etc. The injury that causes arthritis can sometimes be an astonishing 10-15 years old, cured and totally forgotten.

On the other hand, the rheumatoid arthritis is normally caused by infections that attack the body because the immune system is low. Some conditions that commonly cause arthritis are, Lupus where one's own defense system (of the body) goes against joints, and main organs of the body. Needless to say, that this may be fatal if not checked and treated. Viral hepatitis (or an acute inflammation of the liver) is also known to cause arthritis; lastly you have the gout which usually attacks the big toes.

You Can Fight Arthritis Effectively

When everything fails, you can always reach-out and have an anti-inflammatory pill and forget about the pain for a while. While the relief is almost instant, there a number of dangers from taking pills and that should be made known to all in the office lest anyone use it wrongly. You should never use over-the-counter medicines if you are known to have heart problems you are known to have any liver problem and or stomach problems.

Other ways to fight this disease is with the help with alternative medicine which is available in plenty. Homeopathy, it seems, is capable of almost curing it, when the treatment is followed closely. Yoga has been found to be excellent for both types of this disease. Though it takes a little effort in the beginning, yoga is an excellent medium to ameliorate the symptoms that are caused by arthritis. The more you proactive you are the better you will feel; and you will not need to prove are excellent because you are excellent.