Aromatherapy Pillows Help Induce Better Sleep Pattern

There may not be much that can prompt a relaxing night's sleep as aromatherapy pillows, designed to hold the sleep-inducing scent of lavender. At the end of a tough day when the mind refuses to quit racing or begins to focus on another hectic schedule for the following day, the scent of lavender can work as a sleep aid, inviting sleep and overpowering your mind's urge to continue its blitz on your senses.

With the surge in the use of aromatherapy, pillows with flax or buckwheat, or a combination of the two, scented with soothing essential oils are not only sleep inducing, but comfortable as well. Simply spraying or misting a scented oil on a regular pillow may offer some benefits, but the comfort of a good pillow along with the deeply imbedded scent can have a profound effect on the sleep pattern.

Mint scents are also used in aromatherapy pillows to help clear the mind and sparks intense thoughts and can be used when traveling to allow a good nights sleep while helping you awaken more rested and alert. Travel size aromatherapy pillows, it should ne noted, should not be used in proximity to the driver if on the road, to prevent them from the effects of being overly relaxed.

Pillows In Different Shapes To Fit The Occasion

In addition to traditional sized pillow and smaller travel pillows, aromatherapy pillows can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes including those of animals as well as shapes that can aid comfort. Neck-friendly pillows can be used in addition to a regular pillow and even the oversized pillows, sometimes called body hub pillows, are available as aromatherapy pillows.

When purchased, the scented essential oils are typically packed separate so as not to lose their scent during shipping and storage. By applying the oil to the inner stuffing of the pillow the scent rises up while you are trying the fall asleep, giving you the full impact of the scent being used. Many aromatherapy pillows also include additional scented oils to refresh the pillows periodically.

It is not advisable to use scented oils on traditional pillows as the oil may soak through the cloth. It should only be used on pillows with a filling that lends itself for being exposed to the essential oils. Buckwheat and flax, two of the most products used in the filling of aromatherapy pillows can absorb the oils and release their effects over time.