Creating Aromatherapy Oil Kits

Aromatherapy is the method of using specific scents to assist in healing, relaxation, meditation and helping the body and mind. This is a very old healing method, dating back to Egyptian times. During that period, essential oils were even used during the embalming process of mummies. People all over the world are fascinated with aromatherapy and its uses. Learning about the basic oils that are used and their properties is fascinating as well as beneficial. Often, people are ready to take the next step and create their own aromatherapy oil kits.

What Is Needed In Aromatherapy Oil Kits?

The first step in making aromatherapy oil kits, is determining the oils that will be needed. One type of popular and very versatile oil is lavender. This essential oil is a necessity in aromatherapy oil kits. This oil is useful for so many things, from helping with relaxation and sleep to allergies and asthma. Eucalyptus is common oil that has many general uses. This is especial good for people with sinus and allergy problems. It can also be used for colds and flu. This should be added an aromatherapy oil kit.

Chamomile can be used for earaches, PMS, stress relief and a variety of other symptoms. Aromatherapy oil kits should contain this essential oil too. An interesting blend of oils that helps reduce anger is rose, orange and vetiver. These three oils in combination can be sprayed about a room to help diffuse tense situations. They may be good to have on hand and should be included in any aromatherapy oil kits made. Another useful blend of oils is a combination used to help energize.

This is done by using basil, cypress and grapefruit. Keep this in your aromatherapy oil kit, for use when your energy is lacking. Some other oils that may be considered include, tea tree, vanilla, ginger, lemon balm, peppermint. Depending on what type of aromatherapy oil kits you are making, different oils may be needed.

What Type Of Containers Should Be Used In Aromatherapy Oil Kits?

Again, there is a large selection of choice when creating a personal aromatherapy oil kit. Small glass containers are great for individual oils. Plastic can also be purchased, to prevent them from breaking. Spray bottles are needed when combining oils to create scents that can be sprayed in a large area. Aromatherapy oil kits are personnel and the containers used vary. These containers can be found on-line and at many stores that also sell essential oils.

Creating your own aromatherapy oil kits is not only fun, but the knowledge gained from the experience beneficial for overall fitness.