Aromatherapy Massage Relieves Muscle And Mental Aches

Many people attest that nothing feels, or smells, better than an aromatherapy message and the treatment as well as the scent from essential oils is worked into the skin and muscles. A typical massage uses oils to provide a lubricating oil for easier manipulation of the muscles and skin, while an aromatherapy message uses oils blended with essential oils for the same purpose. The difference is the scent from the essential oils also helps send the same message to the brain through its aroma.

For example, it has been shown that lavender is a relaxing scent, whether used in a candle or as potpourri or as a mist. Many will mist lavender-scented water on their pillows or sheets before going to bed, longing for the relaxation allowing them to fall asleep quicker and to sleep longer. An aromatherapy message with essential oils of lavender cannot only relax the mind, but the oils have a soothing effect on the skin and muscles, causing total relaxation of the one receiving the massage.

When getting an aromatherapy message it should be remembered that a person trained in massage should be the one performing the massage to avoid the possibility of pulling or bruising muscles, which can happen if done incorrectly. Use of oils should be done by someone experienced in giving an aromatherapy message to avoid the possibility of using too much, or too little oil.

Massage Is Good, Aroma Is Better

While many may have experienced the benefit of a massage and how it can relax and reinvigorate the muscles, manipulation with the use of essential oils can make an aromatherapy message reach into areas not customarily touch during a massage. The oils' scent enters the body through the olfactory nerves in the nose and into the lungs where its benefits can be absorbed by the blood, carrying the oils benefits throughout the body.

Using a quality oil is critical to make the effects of the aromatherapy message last longer and provide more intense benefits to the session. There may be some that offer an aromatherapy message that use scented oils which are simply a blend of a scented liquid and massage oils, but unless essential plant oils are used, it may be just a massage with oil that smells good.

The effects of an aromatherapy message should be immediate on the body as well as on the mind and the scent used during the massage can be enhanced even more, if the person giving the massage also introduces it with candles or incense.