Aromatherapy For Dogs Can Make tails Wag

Those who do not believe that dogs are not affected by scent have never waived a raw steak in front of a dog's nose. Additionally, with many people learning the benefits scents can have on people, aromatherapy for dogs is a rapidly growing practice to work against illness or temperament.

Essential oils can be mixed with a carrier oil, one drop per teaspoon of carrier oil such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil and massaged into the dog's skin where there is the least amount of hair, such as the joints, armpits or the groin. For aromatherapy for dogs, the massage should last three or four minutes for maximum benefits. Never use undiluted essential oils as it could cause a reaction to the animal's skin.

A mister can be used to spray the dog's sleeping area or bedding and a diffuser also works in spreading the oil scent throughout the house from where the dog will breath it throughout the day or night. Similar to humans, aromatherapy for dogs may have different effects from different scents. Experimenting will help find the right scent for your dog.

Many Human Scents Also Work For Dogs

Beginning the practice of aromatherapy for dogs, learning what works well for you pet may be time consuming, but according to holistic veterinarians, some of the scents that work for humans also work on dogs. Such as lavender, which for humans instills relaxation or sleepiness, for dogs it can help hyperactivity and hypersexuality. It can also be used as a pain killer and against vomiting, usually as a massage oil or in a diffuser.

An aggressive dog may be calmed by the use of sandalwood or ylang ylang, by massage or diffuser, with many recommending the diffuser method until the animal shows signs of being less aggressive. A mix of a carrier oil and lavender or rosemary can provide aromatherapy for dogs in the event of a burn, by massaging the area around the burn and lemon oils can help fight against congestion.

A massage with citronella works against fleas on the dog, and in a mister or diffuser can keep them away from the pet's favorite areas in the house just as tea tree oils can help with insect bites and bee stings. Persons who use aromatherapy for themselves and know the benefits they feel, should consider aromatherapy for dogs for any problems the pet shows.