The Aromatherapy Diffuser: Working To Scent The Air

Aromatherapy uses various plant oils that have been concentrated and have pungent, relaxing scents, helping people to relax. A common use of aromatherapy is in massage, where these oils are mixed in small amounts with larger portions of neutral carrier oils. But not everyone has a masseur on hand, nor do the necessarily want to have their skin slick with massage oils all the time. For a hands-off approach to aromatherapy, a diffuser works well. If you've never had an aromatherapy diffuser, then you're missing out on an inexpensive and useful little appliance.

How They Work

The basic innards of aromatherapy diffusers are all the same: you add the oils to the machine in some manner, and the aromatherapy diffuser heats the oil, allowing the scents to go into the air. These diffusers work through heat because it aids in evaporation, allowing small particles of the oils to go into the air, which is what provides scents. Chances are if you've ever had the plug-in sort of air fresheners in your home, you've seen simple aromatherapy diffusers at work, since they run in the same manner.

Electric Diffusers

Some electric aromatherapy diffusers work through electricity, using a heating element in order to provide the heat energy to help the scents hit the air. Some of the simplest work with small cotton diffuser pads, where you let the oil get on that, and then as it heats up, the air passes through the pad, acting as sort of a filter that helps to scent the air. Electric aromatherapy diffusers are often efficient, and the best of the lot can add scents to large rooms, but they generally leave something desired in the looks department.

Candle Diffusers

Other aromatherapy diffusers work by adding oils to a little reservoir of water, which is then heated by little candles. These diffusers are often made to mimic natural materials such as stone or are made out of natural materials like terra cotta. If you're looking for an aromatherapy diffuser that has looks as well as functionality, then you might want to go with one of these. However, keep in mind that because these aromatherapy diffusers work with candles, you will want to keep an eye on it at all times, for safety's sake. But whether you choose to go electric or with candles, aromatherapy diffusers can help you to relax and distress, or they can simply add pleasant scents to your home or office. For great smells around you, pick one up today.