Aromatherapy Bottles: Keeping Essential Oils Preserved

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art. The Egyptians discovered the use of a variety of oils for healing, soothing and even relaxing massage oils were used. This natural way to a healthier individual has been in use for centuries. Aromatherapy bottles containing the remains of oils used in ancient times have even been discovered during archaeology excavations. These aromatherapy bottles give insights into the popular oils used in the past that are still popular today.

Aromatherapy Bottles: What Works Best?

When working with essential oils, it is important to be able to preserve the mixtures created. Locating the type of aromatherapy bottles needed for this part of the process can be as easy as a journey to the internet. Many different companies have aromatherapy bottles, in a variety of styles and colors. Essential oils are often combined with what is called carrier oils. These carrier oils are used to contain the essential oil. For instance, a grape seed oil may be used as a base, and then combined with a lavender essential oil to create a face toner. A fact to keep in mind is that only a few drops of essential oils are needed, these are strong oils. Since so many oils and carriers may be needed to create specific oils, a supply of aromatherapy bottles will be required. When creating a mood enhancing scent, spray type aromatherapy bottle may be the most efficient bottle to appropriately deliver the spray. A sandalwood spray would be a great scent to help alleviate stress, and try lavender sprayed on a pillow at night for a restful sleep.

Bath oils make a great gift. When creating bath oils, the use of a different type of aromatherapy bottle may be necessary. A carrier oil is needed and then several different essential oils can be used. Again, lavender is great for relaxing; jasmine has a wonderful scent and can also be used for relaxation. When placing this in a container consider if there are children that could get into it. A plastic container may be the most practical solution. Remember to get aromatherapy bottles for the carrier oils too. These need to be in a dark color to preserve the oils.

Aromatherapy bottles can be practical or fancy. The materials used in aromatherapy bottles range from glass to plastic, colored to clear. The practical application of the oil needs to be thought of when purchasing the container. Will this oil be used to spray in a room? Will this oil be used to dab on like a perfume? Aromatherapy bottles are easy to locate through many suppliers on the internet and whole food stores often have supplies of both oils and bottles.