Aromatic Aromatherapy Blending

Aromatic aromatherapy blending is when essential oils are blended together purely for the inviting scent that is produced. Although therapeutic advantages can also be gained, the entire aim of aromatic aromatherapy blending is to create a pleasing fragrance. Although the smell of the blend is the main regard, it is also necessary to be concerned with the health and safety aspects of blending as some oils can be hazardous and others are dangerous for people with certain medical conditions to use. The art of aromatic aromatherapy blending can take years to master as there are oils available to use are so numerous and the possible combinations are practically unlimited.

The science of aromatherapy perfume combines base notes, middle notes and top notes to form a compatible and pleasant scent with essential oils that complement each other without overpowering one another and which last the perfect amount of time. When creating an aromatherapy blending intended for perfume, the choice of synthesized chemicals that mimic essential oils over natural essential oils is often based on the fact that synthetic chemicals are cheaper and are often more consistent and reliable than its natural counterparts. Aromatherapy blending generally uses alcohol, carrier oils, herbs, water and essential oils to make unique oils. The various essential oils are divided into categories such as florals, woodsy, oriental and minty and oils in the same category usually blend well together although they can also blend well with those in other categories. The oils harmonize and evaporate at different stages creating various new scents at irregular intervals.

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Blending

Aromatherapy blending of a therapeutic kind is used to improve an emotional or physical condition. The scent of the blend is not necessary but a decent aroma is a plus. The types of oils that must be included in a blend should combat the specific areas needed but it is necessary that care is taken to ensure that the oils do not have negative effects on any other area. Some oils are not suitable for pregnant women or people with certain medical conditions, for example, and this is why care must be taken when selecting the oils to be used. In cases where there are more than one ailments to be cured, it is fine to combine different oils that target these problems but the oils must blend well together in order to reap the benefits. Essential oils have different effects during aromatherapy blending; some are used to energize, others are used to relax and there are kinds that combat against pain.