Visiting The Sydney Aquarium

The Sydney Aquarium is one of the best known aquariums in the world. Many visitors from around the world venture to Sydney Australia to check out this well know aquarium and learn about the types of sea life that survive around the continent.

The Sydney Aquarium: A Overview Of What Is On Display

The Sydney Aquarium is not only one of the best known aquariums in the world; it is also one of the largest. The Sydney Aquarium was opened in 1988 and is home to over 650 different species and 6,000 fish.

The building itself was designed by Australian architects to resemble a giant wave. The displays inside feature a journey through Australia's rivers and oceans. It helps visitors understand the balance of eco systems within Australia and the importance of maintaining that balance and protecting the amazing creatures that inhabit the waterways in and around Australia.

There are several very large features that enable the tourist to get an up close look at life for several different types of sea life including sharks and Sea Lions. There are many very large sharks that are displayed and the Sydney Aquarium had designed a way for people to view the creatures in their underwater habitats by walking through tunnels. In fact, the Sydney Aquarium has some of the largest species of shark that live in captivity in the world.

The Sea Lions exhibit also allows the visitor to watch the Sea Lions from above the water as well as walk through tunnels to view the underwater antics. In the Sea Lion display there are Australia Sea Lions, Fur Seals, Subantartic Fur Seals and New Zealand Fur Seals.

The Sydney Aquarium also features a large Coral Reef display. This is an exciting exhibit that showcases life on a coral reef. This is where 6,000 species live. The water inside of the coral reef display is brought in from the nearby Darling Harbor. The water is then filtered and heated for the coral reef display. This is an ingenious way of obtaining water for the display.

The Sydney Aquarium also assists in housing sea life for research done by Universities around the world including Indiana University and the University of New South Wales. By helping these universities the Sydney Aquarium can learn more about sea life and pass this information on to the public.

If visiting the Australia continent, the Sydney Aquarium is an attraction that shouldn't be missed to learn more about the Australian eco systems and to get a real life view of the variety of marine life that abounds.