What The Oregon Coast Aquarium Has To Offer

For people taking a vacation to the state of Oregon, a trip to the Oregon coast aquarium is just one adventure that many want to pursue. This is a well known attraction, that many are drawn to have exhibits that will delight the entire family.

What's Inside The Oregon Coast Aquarium?

For many years, the Oregon Coast Aquarium was home to the whale that was featured in the movie "Free Willy." From January 1996 to September of 1998, the movie star whale, Keiko lived in the Oregon Coast Aquarium. He was moved to Iceland in 1998, but the Oregon Coast Aquarium is still known for being his home.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is ranked as one of the top ten aquariums in the country and shouldn't be missed when visiting the area. Most of the exhibits center on flora and fauna that is native to the region.

One exhibit that is housed in the aquarium where Keiko uses to live is called "Passages of the Deep." This exhibit features acrylic tunnels that surround the visitor. Inside of the tunnels there are sharks, stingrays and other various deep water marine life forms. This allows the visitors an up close and personal tour of life in the deep. Many visitors find themselves spellbound by the amazing life that is happening around them in the tunnels.

Also not to be missed at the Oregon Coast Aquarium are exhibits that showcase the mammals found on the Oregon coast. Sea Lions, Sea Otters and Seals can all be viewed at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

In addition to those exhibits, there are also three other permanent exhibits called Sandy Shores, Rocky Shores and Coastal Waters. These indoor exhibits allow for tourists to discover the types of creatures that live in each of these different environments.

At the Oregon Coast Aquarium they also feature changing exhibits. There have been turtle displays, bats and even lobsters and crabs have been given their own environments to give people a chance to investigate into the daily lives of these interesting creatures.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium also has an indoor aviary that houses many types of birds. An interesting note about the aviary at the Oregon Coast Aquarium is that although the birds are allowed to mate, their eggs are taken and replaced with fake eggs. The baby birds are raised by hand.

When planning a trip to Oregon, make sure to make time to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium. This aquarium is filled with information about life that can be found on the Oregon coast, and a front row seat to how these animals live.