Properly Transporting Live Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are among the highlights of many aquariums. This is because these tropical fish are usually varied in both color and appearances. Due to this high demand for live tropical fish, many sellers and fish breeders guarantee that they can send live tropical fish to wherever you are in the United States of America.

Transporting Live Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are sensitive to climate changes in the water they belong to. These changes in the water temperature can affect the fish's health and living condition up to a point that it can cause death. Some pet store owners recommend transporting live fish in a plastic bag. The bag should be filled halfway with water. The live tropical fish shall then be placed in the plastic and then the plastic must be filled with oxygen and sealed.

Live tropical fish that come from the tropics are often transported in this way as well. The only difference is that the plastic bags are stored in Styrofoam containers that help to regulate the temperature. Lowering the temperature can help to lower the metabolism of the fish and enable them to survive better through the long and arduous journey.

Live tropical fish are always transported in this method when they are just being brought to the United States from Asia. What usually happens is that one fish is put in one plastic bag and then they are packed into a Styrofoam container. The reason why only a single fish is placed in an otherwise roomy bag is to isolate deaths. If there are three fish in a container and one dies, the water will stagnate and poison the other fish in it.

Ice is often placed at the bottom of the plastic bags under some insulation so as not to have any direct contact with the plastic bag to lower the temperature of the entire container. The live tropical fish being transported usually have a long way to go before they reach their destination.

The transportation of live tropical fish plays a big role on the prices of the fish. Since these fish are usually transported by air to their destinations, the price of their cargo and handling along with the shipping costs are included with the fish prices in the pet stores. These live tropical fish are difficult to propagate and breed so breeding them is not such a feasible idea. Tropical fish seldom live long in an aquarium unless they are in a really large tank with the right kind of water and conditions.