Getting a Freshwater Aquarium

Aquariums are great entertainment. Some people can sit by an aquarium and just observe the fish in them for a long item. The different kinds of fish in the aquarium are usually colored and compatible with each other. Many species of fish can live with each other in a single aquarium. There are some fish though, that can not tolerate being with other species of fish or even the same species.

Freshwater Aquarium Necessities

A freshwater aquarium needs a filter to make the water clean and suitable for fish to live in. When you go out and buy an aquarium, make sure you get a filter for it. There are several kinds of filter for an aquarium. Choose the one that suits your fish's needs. Along with the filter, you will also need an air pump to aerate the water in your freshwater aquarium. The air pump provides oxygen in the water to enable the fish to live. An alternative to an air pump is to put live plants in the aquarium. These also help to aerate the water but the ratio of plants needed for the number of fish in the freshwater aquarium must be considered.

A chemical is also used to balance the content of the water to enable tot fish top be more healthy. The water from our taps is treated with chemicals to make them clean but the fish have different reactions to these chemicals. It is best to first find out if your water needs to be treated for your fish to live happily in the freshwater aquarium.

Gravel is also needed for aesthetic design and value of your freshwater aquarium. There are many different kinds of gravel or pebbles that can be used. Among these are many different colors and sizes to choose from. The decision of the owner of the freshwater aquarium will prevail here. Personal preferences are the basis of such decisions. Make sure to clean the gravel or pebbles well before putting them in the freshwater aquarium since they might contain chemicals or dust that can interfere with your fish's health.

Aside from the fish and those items listed above, all other things are superfluous in a freshwater aquarium. You will need to observe the fish in your aquarium for some time before adding other kinds of fish. You might also like to observe other freshwater aquariums in pet stores and other public place and see what kinds of fish they have put together. The compatibility of the species is important to maintain the peace.