Difference between Glass and Acrylic Aquarium Tanks

Aquarium tanks are beautiful containers of animals. Theses tanks come in many different sizes and designs to suit you and your home. The usual animals that are placed in aquarium tanks are fishes and different sorts of reptiles, spiders and insects. These containers are more favorable for many people because it gives us a full view of what is inside.

The fishes or insects inside can be seen going about their lives and these can be very interesting for us. Many children have aquarium tanks filled with their preferred animals in their rooms. There are many accessories and gadgets which complement and go with these tanks and animals.

Glass or Acrylic Aquarium Tanks

There are usually two kinds of aquarium tanks commonly available. These are the glass and acrylic tanks. Both have advantages and disadvantages that can be a marked demerit or merit for each medium.

The advantages of glass over acrylic is that it does not scratch as easily as acrylic and it is cheaper than acrylic. Glass aquarium tanks are also easier to make compared to acrylic which needs expert hands and equipment. There are many Do-It-Yourself kits to assemble a glass aquarium tank to your specifications and preferences. In the long run, glass is also much clearer than acrylic because acrylic sustains even miniscule scratches from cleaning and wiping. Acrylic is also a flammable substance so be careful putting candles and open flames near it.

On the other hand, acrylic is said to be stronger, softer and more flexible than glass. It weights fifty percent les than glass which makes acrylic aquarium tanks easier to clean and transfer. This advantage makes acrylic tanks very portable and easy to maintain, with regards to cleaning. Acrylic is also a good insulator which makes the aquarium tank maintain a steady temperature. This is a very great advantage to glass which usually conducts heat and cold. An acrylic aquarium tank is also virtually leak proof since the seams are melted together seamlessly. With regards to the scratches that acrylic easily sustains from regular wiping and cleaning, these can be easily buffed out using the right kind of equipment.

Basically, the advantages and disadvantages of both glass and acrylic materials make them balance each other out. It is up to the owner of the tank which medium he prefers to use. Although, it might be useful to know that most public aquariums are now made from acrylic.