Aquarium Snails: Pests or Beneficial To An Aquarium?

For many people, putting together an aquarium is more than just a hobby. It allows people an inside view into the underwater world. Putting together the perfect blend of plant life and aquatic life is a balancing act that many investigate trying to keep the perfect combination. Sometimes snails can become part of an aquarium without the owner intending it to happen, and can upset this balance.

Discovering Aquarium Snails

For some, they discover they have aquarium snails after purchasing plants. These aquarium snails are in egg form and attached to the plants. The egg sack is not seen, and then the aquarium snails hatch and are then noticed.

Many aquarium owners are shocked to discover that they have been invaded by aquarium snails, and are then left to try and discover what type of aquarium snails they now have, and what these snails will eat and do to the aquarium.

The Types Of Aquarium Snails

There are several different species of aquarium snails, and depending on the type some are fine in an aquarium environment while others have the potential to destroy the balance within the aquarium.

The Ramshorn snail is shaped like a ram's horn. This type of aquarium snail is destructive as they reproduce very fast and will eat the plant life within the aquarium. Ramshorn snails can be black, red and checkered patterns. This is an aquarium snail that would be best to get rid of in order to maintain the plant life in the aquarium.

The Trumpet snail has a spiral shaped shell. This snail can be seen right below the waters edge on the glass of the aquarium. This is a type of aquarium snails that is fine in an aquarium. The Trumpet snail will eat debris within the aquarium helping to keep the environment clean.

Another snail is the Pond Snail. This is a snail that breeds quickly and has an appetite for plants in the aquarium. The Pond Snail has a football shape and is not a snail that many want in their aquariums.

If an owner discovers a bevy of snails are residing in their tanks, there is a natural way to eliminate this unwanted guest. Certain species of fish will eat aquarium snails. The Clown and Skunk Loach are two that enjoy aquarium snails along with several types of catfish, Dorid or Banjo. Another breed that will help control the aquarium snails is the Puffer fish, which can be aggressive towards other fish so may not be the best choice.

Aquarium snails can make a home for themselves within an aquarium, but they need a watchful eye to keep the balance in the aquarium.