Aquarium Gravel: To Chang Or Not To Change

Aquarium gravel is an integral part of an aquarium. Not only does it contribute to the aesthetic value of an aquarium but it also provides living space for the bacteria that helps balance the small living space. There has been many conflicting ideas regarding changing and maintaining aquarium gravel.

Usually, it is the preference of the aquarium owner what kind of gravel he would like to put in the tank. The kinds of gravel that are available for an aquarium are varied and diverse. These range from coarse black sand to the larger stones and pebbles. Aquarium gravel can also be used according to the fish that inhabit the aquarium.

Do I Need to Change my Aquarium Gravel?

Many fish experts debate about the merits of changing aquarium gravel. Since the gravel is where the bacteria live and provide balance for the micro habitat, then their well being should be looked after and maintained. The function of helpful bacteria in a tank acts to breakdown wastes in the water and aquarium gravel. Since most of these bacteria live in the aquarium gravel, many believe that they should not be disturbed to be able to function properly.

On the other hand, others believe that changing the aquarium gravel and other things in the aquarium will not have such a large impact on the bacterial colonies. Cleaning the aquarium is even recommended especially if the aquarium is quite small and will not be able to handle the flourishing bacteria so well.

Overall, changing the aquarium gravel to suit your taste can impact the bacteria colonies in the tank but these will grow back pretty soon so there is little to worry about. In spite of this positive note, the aquarium gravel should not be changed frequently to allow the bacteria to flourish. Since the gravel is where the bacteria population mostly is, try not to keep on changing or even sifting it too much to encourage their growth.

When you wish to clean your aquarium, you cold just try to tale out half of the water and replace it immediately. There is no need to take out the aquarium gravel regularly since keeping it in place is helpful for the micro habitat of the tank. Your fish need the bacteria to decompose and neutralize the wastes of the fish in the tank. This may sound slightly disgusting to you but this is nature's way of providing fish with a way to live in tanks.