Different Types Of Aquarium Filters

When you have an aquarium at home it is important that the water has excellent quality to keep the fish healthy. Aquarium filters can help maintain excellent water in aquariums. In spite of this, it is still essential to clean the aquarium and to change some of the water at least twice each week.

Types of Aquarium Filters

There are three different types of aquarium filters, the Internal Corner filter, Hot Power Filters, Canister Filters and Under Ground Filters.

The Internal Corner Aquarium Filter is a very basic filter used in smaller tanks. It consists of a plastic box that is inside the aquarium on the substrate, usually placed in one of the corners. The plastic box has a filtering media and activated carbon. It also contains perforations for the entry of the water and tube where the water is discharged. The entire aquarium filter must be removed from the aquarium if you want to clean it or replace the media. This aquarium filter does not have an area for biological bacteria to reside.

The Hot Power Aquarium Filters are the most popular filters for aquariums. They come in all sizes, shapes and the flow capacities. Most have optional attachments to perform additional functions and it operates in a similar manner. These aquarium filters are not difficult to clean or replace any worn out media. The clean filtered water returning to the aquarium will provide good surface movement for good oxygen exchange. This filter is an excellent choice of filter. It does a good job for mechanical and chemical filtering.

The Canister Aquarium Filters are excellent aquarium filters and they provide all three types of filtering in one unit. These filters can be placed on the floor beside the aquarium or in the cabinet beneath. It also consists of a large canister with outlet and inlet connections. A variety of different media is allowed by the canister filters to be used. This is also the best choice if you want a filter that can do it all. If you combine the Under Gravel Aquarium filters with the Hot Power Filters it will provide you with excellent system for the aquarium.

Under Gravel Aquarium Filters is really a specialty filter. This filter is designed only for biological filtering. You need a separate filter to achieve the mechanical and chemical filtering. This filter consists of a series of plates that are grooved or filled with holes. It is placed in the tank along the bottom to cover the surface completely. If you combine the Under Gravel Aquarium Filters with the Hot Power Filters, it will provide you with excellent cleaning and filtering system for the aquarium.