Why We Use Aquarium Backgrounds

Aquariums are essentially containers of fish and other marine life and organisms. Most of the fish come from either the rivers and lakes or the oceans. There are usually two kinds of aquariums, fresh water aquariums and salt water aquariums. Tanks are usually made of glass or acrylic and are see through all around. Some people prefer to put aquarium backgrounds on one side of their tanks.

These aquarium backgrounds are usually placed in the glass pane that is closest to the wall or the side that covers the wall most. Aquarium backgrounds are usually stuck to one pane of glass or one side of acrylic and can be changed as often as the owner wants.

Types of Aquarium Backgrounds

There are various types of aquarium backgrounds. Actually, you can out any kind of background that you like even those that are not related to fish or marine life. Aquarium backgrounds are used to liven up an aquarium and make the fish feel at home. These backgrounds are usually real pictures of real things, not sketches or drawings.

Most common aquarium backgrounds are those depicting plants and other forms of underwater life forms. These may include sheets of paper that have been printed with other fish, or the bottom of a lake or river with rocks. Most people prefer aquarium backgrounds with plants and wood. These can be seen as and extension of the aquarium and the fish will feel that they are not facing a blank wall.

Other types of aquarium backgrounds are rocks, stones, the open ocean, water formations and some are just plain printed paper or wrapping paper. The tank owner can put just about anything that he wants as aquarium backgrounds for his tank.

Putting on Aquarium Backgrounds

Before you put on or stick a background on your fish tank, make sure that both the tank and the background are clean and free from dirt and other debris. If necessary, wipe them with a clean cloth or sponge. Usually, aquarium backgrounds are shiny or have static so they can cling to the glass pane. Make sure that you have chosen the right height and length of your background.

You can affix you background onto your tank with the aid of adhesive tape all around the edges of the back ground. Make sure that there are no unsightly folds or crumples on the background so as not to detract from the beauty and serenity that most backgrounds have.