Why An Acrylic Aquarium Is Better Than Glass

Having an acrylic aquarium is now the hottest craze in the aquarium industry. These kinds of aquarium offer a lot of advantages over the traditional glass aquarium.

Benefits of Using An Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic is factually lighter then glass. This means that your acrylic aquarium can be lugged around easily compared to the traditional glass ones. This is a great advantage for those who wish to have a bigger aquarium and want to have less problems cleaning it out and moving it from place to place.

Your acrylic aquarium is also stronger and less prone to cracks compared to ordinary glass. This strength makes it advantageous when it comes to carting the aquarium around and bumping it on some things. Glass is delicate even if it is thicker because a slight sharp blow can cause fissures which will lead to leaks.

Several acrylic aquariums are made in many creative shapes. This is due to it being pliable enough to be molded and shaped to many designs even difficult ones. Half spheres and blocks with no seams are popular acrylic aquarium designs. Glass tanks are traditionally just flat with sides that are sealed together with a sealant. This makes it easier for leaks to spring up.

Acrylic aquariums are also almost always leak proof because one whole piece of acrylic is used to manufacture each tank and each seam is melted to seamlessly meld with the other end to make it virtually leak proof. The process eliminates any possibility of leak and if there are leaks, which is rare, these can easily be amended.

Downside of Acrylic Aquariums

The acrylic aquarium does have disadvantages such as it gets scratched easily. Scratches can be incurred just by wiping the tank or moving the aquarium gravel around. These scratches can make the acrylic dull and sort of blurry so that you will not have the clarity of glass. There are many ways of getting the scratches out such as buffing but this can disturb the fish and may need for the tank to be emptied if the scratches are within the tank.

The corners of an acrylic aquarium can also have a level of distortion because of the material being stretched to accommodate the bend. An acrylic aquarium is also more expensive than the ordinary glass aquarium that we are used to. The material itself and the process of making one are expensive thus making the acrylic tank costlier.