Your Anxiety Treatment May Be Different Than Others

Why is it that someone's anxiety treatment may be different than someone else's? After all, isn't obsessive compulsive disorder or panic disorder or general anxiety disorder all the same for everyone? A disorder is a disorder, right?

Therein lies the incorrect thinking when it comes to anxiety disorders and anxiety treatment. These disorders do not affect everyone the same way and to the same degree. Some people may respond very well to cognitive or behavior therapy, while others need very strong medication, and still others respond well to a form of both.

Your anxiety treatment absolutely must be something that works well for you, and should be tailored to you alone. Most doctors will begin with a long and detailed history of your concerns before they can recommend any type of anxiety treatment. By fully understanding how long you've been suffering from your symptoms, what triggers them, and how severe they are, then he or she can know whether or not medication is necessary right away or if you should at least try cognitive therapy first.

For those whose disorders are currently interfering with their life, especially in severe cases, a doctor may immediately recommend medication as the first attempt at anxiety treatment. These medications may take a few days or even weeks to begin working properly, but the doctor wants to be sure that anxiety does not lead to depression or thoughts of suicide. Additionally, using medication as an immediately anxiety treatment may help the patient remain calm enough to begin behavior or cognitive therapy, something he or she cannot do if their anxiety is so severe that they cannot even sit with a therapist.

It's very important that anyone undergoing any type of anxiety treatment listen to their doctor's advice and follow it completely. Many have a tendency to discontinue their medication as soon as they feel better, but this can be a mistake. If you are having side effects that you find unpleasant or that are also interfering with your well-being, speak to your doctor as he or she may be able to recommend a different medication or something in addition to your anxiety treatment to lessen these symptoms.

The good news is that most treatments for anxiety are very successful; some disorders are completely cured while others are at least controlled so that they no longer interfere with the patient's life.