The Longevity Test Helps You Determine Your Real Age

Nearly everyone can tell you that one year to a dog equal seven people years. However, not many are aware that their chronological age differs from their biological or real age. There is a free online longevity test that you can take to help you determine this difference. Your biological age includes your general health condition and other factors that place you in risk of getting a disease or illness that is related to the aging process.

The company that offers this test is Real Age, Inc. and they offer the test for free while making their money as a consumer health media company where their advertisers sell products or provide consumer information based on people's individual needs. The companies longevity test is a patented product that was developed my medical and scientific experts.

The reports of the longevity test are based on a review of over 25,000 medical studies. These studies reveal 125 different factors that influence the rate at which you age and use these factors for your assessment. You can take this longevity test in over 20 different languages and it has been available since 1999, during which time about seventeen million people have taken the longevity test. Those who take this test want a valid and understandable measurement of what their current health status is.

What You Can Expect

Once you complete their free longevity test you will get an in-depth personal health report through your email address or by logging into their website with your password. Their typical health report is about fourteen pages long and gives you a list of each personal health risk that is identified from the test followed by recommendations on how you can lower the risks of any life threatening disease that you are at risk for. It will also give you time frames for certain recommendations in order to slow down the aging process that results in the gap between chronological and biological age. The test will take you only thirty to forty-five minutes. However, you will need to gather some information in six major health areas before starting the test. You will need to list your physical activities; you will need to detail your nutrition including how much you take of each vitamin supplement; you will need to describe the stress you are under and what social support you have; you should know your general health including overall cholesterol levels, you BMI index, your heart rate and average blood pressure; it will ask you for your families medical history; and you will need to describe your lifestyle and safety factors.