Longevity Medical Clinic And Comprehensive Hormone Supplementation

As a person becomes older there are changes that take place in the body that lead to showing signs of aging and one of these changes has to do with Comprehensive Hormone Supplementation (CHS) that is a process that helps in measuring a person's current hormone levels and when these change adversely, you will need to go to a place such as the Longevity Medical Clinic where you can hope to get these levels restored to the levels they were before when you were still young.

Restore Depletion In Hormones

It is important to get the hormone levels restored because once you attain the age of forty; you will find that these hormone levels get depleted by as much as fifteen percent and these results in faster aging. If it were not for the Longevity Medical Clinic, you would be left with little viable option with which to fight off the process of aging, and through their CHS program it becomes possible to measure the current level of hormones and even help replace them to the way they were when you were healthy and just twenty-five years old.

The CHS program used at the Longevity Medical Clinic will ensure that your body responds to the treatment and the working of CHS is based on a simple premise and that is that your body was functioning well when you had the right level of hormones, and thus once you get your hormone levels restored, you should become just as healthy as when you were thirty years old. There is also no risk of having side effects because this system does not require you to take any medications and in fact is all about simply supplementing your hormones to bring them up to par.

Longevity Medical Clinic is not a plastic surgery clinic and thus you should not expect more than having a diminishment in the visible signs of aging, though you can also expect improvement in skin tone and also elasticity that will result in minimum lines and also wrinkles, and also a skin that is healthy and younger looking. However, because aging is not considered a disease, the cost of being treated at the Longevity Medical Clinic is not covered by your medical insurance.

As far as number of visits to the Longevity Medical Clinic is concerned, you will need to visit the clinic as often as is required and five to six visits per year is a normal requirement. Furthermore, the clinic will also assess the medications you are taking and may even suggest making a few changes that may help you get better results.