A Guide To Anti Aging Treatments

Anti-aging addresses the prevention or reversing the effects of aging, helping people live longer and healthier lives. There are innumerable anti-aging treatments available in the market that includes skin care, nutrition, physical fitness, vitamins, hormone replacement, herbs and supplements.

Various Anti-Aging Treatments

Hormonal treatment, such as growth hormones, DHEA, testosterone, androgens and oestrogens is a commonly used anti-aging treatment. Many people also take antioxidants such as resveratrol, vitamins, co-enzyme Q-10 and glutathione as a part of anti-aging treatment.

Other commonly used anti-aging treatments include Methylators such as SAMe and TMG, Anti-agers such as melatonin, Deprenyl and Metformin, Antiglycators such as aminoguanidine, carnosine, Nootropics such as bacopa, memantine, piracetam, centrophenoxine and ginkgo biloba. There are also some lifestyle anti-aging treatments such as brain exercises, hormesis, calorie restriction, physical exercise and general health education.

Few Complementary anti-aging treatments, such as nutrients and plants, which provide protection against specific illnesses, have also become popular these days. There are also some cosmetic products available such as Isolagen, Botox, face-lifts and collagen.

The role of nutrition in the field of anti-aging has always been quite controversial. There are many diet-plans offered by gurus that claim to help people stay healthy and young, but these diets are usually contradictory. But the studies have indicated that a good diet-plan, if coupled with regular exercise, stress management, relaxation techniques and emotional intimacy, may offer some anti-aging benefits.

There are various anti-aging medicines that focus on the consumers who want to feel and look good. Anti-aging treatments offered by these medicines focus on hormone therapies, skin care treatments, supplements and skin resurfacing. There are some anti-aging creams that have no side effects and help to reduce brown spots and skin discolorations making skin look tighter, brighter, younger and stronger.

Anti-aging skin treatment also includes Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and testosterone, DHEA and hormone replacement therapy. For this anti-aging treatment, each patient is examined individually and a licensed medical doctor does comprehensive physical examination. Extensive analysis the blood is done for fats and cholesterol.

Laser is also commonly used for anti-aging treatment as it reduces wrinkles and improves sun-damaged skin. The laser is used for eyebrows, nose, hands, neck and chest, and to remove stretch marks.

Retin-A is used for older patients as anti-aging treatment , as older people have fine facial wrinkles or sun damaged pigmented area. Retin-A thins the outer layer of the skin, allowing acid solution to penetrate evenly and deeply inside the skin.