What Is Anti Aging Therapy?

Anti aging therapy focuses on addressing the prevention, slowing and reversing of the effects of aging in order to help individuals live longer, healthier and happier lives. Including in anti aging therapy is genetic engineering, tissue engineering and other medical advances. On the market anti aging therapy currently includes psychology, nutrition, physical fitness, skin care, hormone replacement, vitamins, supplements and herbs. The start of anti aging therapy can when alternative medicine and holistic approaches ventured into territory that traditional medicine didn't work with.

The Background

Anti aging therapy dates as far back as the time of the ancient Egyptians. During this time a lot of attention was given to herbs and remedies in order to promote an individuals beauty and longevity. From this time forward much attention has been given to finidng cures and potions. Long traditions of herbs, foods, diets and health practices have developed in the Indian and Chinese cultures.

Current Trends

When it comes to anti aging therapy today, nutrition remains an extremely controversial topic. On the internet you will find any number of gurus offering a variety of diets to help people stay healthy and enjoy longer lives. However, many of these diet offers will often contradict each other. The importance of keeping your blood sugar levels stable and managing the glycemic index of your food choices is often the only area where food nutritionists agree.

Those that advocate fitness and longevity will often recommend grueling sports and activities like running marathons. However, some of these activities can run the risk of injuries or wear and tear on the body such as the joints. These fitness experts often focuses on a balance of healthy and fit that includes cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, balance and posture. This can often be achieved through both exercise or sports depending on your preferences.

From the medical aspects researchers are continuing to look for the causes and cures behind anti aging. Tissue engineering focuses on finding new ways to grow tissue using stem cells, organ transplants and artificial tissues and organs. Other contributions are being made by nanotechnology, genetic research and pharmaceutical research. The more traditional forms of medicine focus on an individuals desire to look good, feel good and live as long as they can through the use of hormone therapies, supplements, skin care treatments and plastic surgeries. What a person chooses depends largely on their personal preference and what is best for their health condition.