Options in Anti-Aging Skin Care

It seems like you are barely blowing out the candles on your thirtieth birthday when those lines and wrinkles begin to make an appearance. The aging process may happen earlier than you would like, but the good news is that you have choices in anti-aging skin care to keep those telltale signs at bay a little bit longer. Whether you go for a cosmetic procedure or a topical solution, turning back the clock on your skin is indeed a reality for many today.

Cosmetic Treatments

When it comes to cosmetic treatments in anti-aging skin care, there is a myriad of options to select from. Skin resurfacing is an effective way to bid farewell to fine lines on the skin, and can be done through chemical peels, dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. All of these procedures have their risks and benefits, but you and your doctor can choose the anti-aging skin care that will work the best for you. Some skin resurfacing techniques involve little discomfort or downtime afterward, so you can have your anti-aging skin care without completely disrupting your life to do so.

Injections are another common cosmetic treatment in anti-aging skin care today. Whether you are opting for Botox injections that will paralyze the facial muscles that lead to fine lines and wrinkles or a wrinkle filler that will plump the skin and erase telltale lines, there is sure to be an injection-based anti-aging skin care for you. With many new advances in this area, there are some injection solutions that won't even require the typical allergy testing of procedures past. Most injection procedures are completely safe and require little recovery time, although they do need to be repeated periodically to maintain the results.

Topical Solutions

While cosmetic treatments use to be the anti-aging skin care du jour, today's clients don't have to schedule a trip to the dermatologist's office to get younger looking skin. Instead, there is a host of anti-aging skin care products that can be applied directly to the skin, and some have phenomenal results. For example, argireline (an ingredient found in many wrinkle creams) has been clinically proved to reduce fine lines and wrinkles up to 30%. Other good ingredients to look for include matrixyl and collagen that can plump the skin and stimulate additional collagen production for best results. Daily applications of these solutions will keep your skin looking smoother and younger for little investment of time or money.

No matter what type of anti-aging skin care you choose, there will be a solution that will effectively turn back the clock on your skin and put off those telltale signs just a little longer.