Oil Of Olay Total Effects - An Anti Aging Skin Care Review

Oil of Olay Total Effects has become a very popular product as of late and this anti aging skin care review is going to take a look at it to see if lives up to all of the hype. This is going to be an open and honest anti aging skin care review so that you can be sure that you know what the product is you are getting. Many anti aging moisturizer reviews are merely infomercials thinly veiled. I personally tested and used this product, so you can rest assured that this anti aging skin care review is a quality look at the product.

Anti Aging Skin Care Review - Oil Of Olay Total Effects

The product claims that it will penetrate deep to fight discoloration, wrinkles and lines in as short a time as eight weeks. It also claims that once tried you will recommend it to a friend. Oil of Olay says the product works by providing moisture that is fused with vitamins and anti oxidants. All of these operate through a tested, non comedogenic, fast absorbing and oil free system. Let's see how close it comes to living up to the promises.

After about 2 weeks of use I actually began to see some improvement in my eye area. The fine lines were diminishing and they seemed more youthful in my reflection. The eye area actually became smoother and had more texture. So far so good in my anti aging skin care review. Even after a couple months I continued to see improvement, and this also carried over to my face as a whole. My entire face became much more youthful looking and smoother overall. The overall anti aging skin care review on this product was definitely more positive then I thought possible.

Not all is roses though, because while my face as a whole looked better and my eyes dramatically improved, the laugh lines around my mouth did not seem to change. In addition to that, the lines on my forehead actually got worse when I was using the product. I am not sure why this would be, but it led to me lower my opinion in the anti aging skin care review.

Overall though I have to say I have a very positive opinion of the product. While it did not improve every facet of my face, my eyes and overall appearance were greatly improved. Because of this I continue to use the product to this day and I am actually going to look at using other Oil of Olay products. When compared with other products from major manufacturers, Total Effects stands head and shoulders above them. For my anti aging skin care review I give the product 4 out of five stars.