How To Choose An Anti Aging Face Cream

Cosmetic surgery should be anyone's last resort to trying to look younger as surgery of any kind has a certain amount of risk. Most of us would never dream of undergoing cosmetic surgery and are instead content to experiment with various anti aging face creams. There are many types of anti aging face cream that are being marketed as miracle cures to wrinkles and other signs of aging. Not all creams actually do what they claim and you might be left with a tub full of useless goo.

Ingredients To Avoid

One of the biggest falsehoods being marketed to women is the effectiveness of anti aging face cream that contains collagen and elastin. We all know that both collagen and elastin are important to achieve young and healthy looking skin. However neither of these proteins can be absorbed through the skin, rendering any anti aging face cream with these ingredients useless.

Mineral oil is another ingredient that you should avoid. Mineral oil comes from petroleum and can actually damage your skin and speed up aging, thus completely going against what you are trying to achieve with an anti aging face cream.

Alcohols and parabens are two other ingredients that should be avoided at all costs. These ingredients can do lasting damage to your skin. Parabens have also been linked to cancer, and may also cause rashes and allergic reactions. So avoid products with any of these ingredients.

Natural Ingredients

You might read an anti aging cream review and hear about a wondrous natural ingredient and how great it is for the skin. These ingredients are often hard to find but if you can find a skin cream with these ingredients you can be sure to have amazing results.

Phytessence Wakame is a natural ingredient that can help to repair tissue and prevent loss of collagen and skin elasticity. It is derived from a species of Japanese kelp and is hugely beneficial to the skin. If you have under eye circles then this is a great ingredient to have in your anti aging face cream.

Cynergy TK is another natural ingredient that can help your body to stimulate collagen growth. You can be sure of more youthful looking skin after using an anti aging face cream with this ingredient. Again, it may prove hard to track down but with a little research you should be able to find it. Check your dermatologist's office for creams that contain these ingredients.