The Benefits of an Anger Management Class

While anger is a normal emotional response to certain situations, anger that is left unchecked can damage relationships and one's personal health. Anger management is the process of controlling the emotional feelings as well as the physical responses to those feelings, like elevated blood pressure and increased adrenaline levels. For some, controlling anger can be as easy as going to another room or taking a deep breath and counting to ten. For others an anger management class may be the answer.

What is an Anger Management Class?

An anger management class may look different depending on the philosophies of the person teaching and the audience the class is geared toward. Some sessions may be general classes that can teach how to control emotions. This may be the case with online anger management classes that offer generalized tips and strategies. Another anger management class may be specifically geared toward children, caregivers or spouses. In these cases, specific relationships may be addressed in the anger management class, to improve those relationships that may have been damaged through uncontrolled fits of anger.

Who Needs an Anger Management Class?

People who are suffering the physical or relational consequences of unchecked anger may want to consider an anger management class. This may be a husband who is on the brink of divorce or a mother who has trouble controlling her rage in front of her children. It may also be and employee who has lost more than one job due to frequent temper flare ups. Since chronic stress can also play a significant role in anger, those under large amounts of stress due to circumstances in life may also benefit from an anger management class. This may be the case with a son or daughter who is caring for an aging parent or a couple who is under severe financial strain.

Finding the Right Class

If you believe an anger management is the right course of action for you, there are a number of options. You can contact your doctor for referrals to a psychologist that might provide this type of training. Or you can go online to find an anger management class in your area. Make sure you are searching for anger management and not assertiveness training, since the latter is generally geared toward those who have trouble standing up for themselves. With the right anger management class and a bit of work, you can get your temper in check and enjoy more peaceful relationships and better health.