Cooling Off with Anger Management Activities and Exercise

There are different ways that anger can be managed, even when it feels so overwhelming to individuals who have anger management problems. These individuals can benefit from anger management activities and exercise programs that are designed specifically to help these individuals to find different outlets for their anger, decompressing in a healthy way. Teenagers are often some of the individuals who are in these anger management classes since that time in their life is when they are finally beginning the maturing process on the emotional level. Since this is the case, emotions often feel overwhelming to them and they cannot sort them out so they resort to an anger response to every emotion. Teens need anger management activities and exercise programs which can help them to release energy and help them to focus enough to begin to break down the issue into smaller parts so that they can sort out the emotions below the anger and deal with them.

Types of Activities

Yoga is one type of anger management activity and exercise program. In this exercise, individuals perform a series of poses in which deep breathing techniques and relaxation methods are built in which help individuals to focus, expend energy and relax. The skills learned in yoga can be carried over into these individuals every day lives so that they can breathe deeply and relax when they feel themselves becoming angry with a person or situation. They can also use different words and phrases with the deep breathing and relaxation techniques to help them calm down like, "everything will be okay."

Another technique in anger management activities and exercises is to change the negative expressions that they would have used in expressing their anger to other people, and change them to humorous thoughts and images in their heads, thus helping to diffuse the angry emotions. For instance, if they have the tendency to call another person a 'pin head' when they get angry, then they can stop the words from coming out of their mouth and instead picture that person with a pin for a head. In this way, they give themselves time to calm down slightly and the humor of the image can help to diffuse the anger. Along with humor, anger management activities and exercises can be done cognitively, where the individual helps to retrain his thoughts so that he can logically think through the situation and solutions before speaking.