Invest in the New Alzheimer Awareness Bracelet

Medical alert bracelets have been around for some time. Those with chronic conditions that need special attention have found them to be absolute lifesavers at times. Doctors can be alerted to the condition itself, or to allergies to common medications, and so on. However, there is a new Alzheimer awareness bracelet that goes one step further - it actually works as a tracking device for the Alzheimer patient.

Using an Alzheimer awareness bracelet is a good idea to let medical personnel and law enforcement agencies know that the person wearing the bracelet has Alzheimer, as these patients do sometimes have a tendency to wander away from their home or caregiver. It can be difficult for these to return the patient to their home if the patient himself or herself does not remember where they live, or even who they are. Additionally, there have been some unfortunate circumstances of Alzheimer patients walking out of their private home or nursing home in the middle of the night or in very poor weather, without the caregiver noticing. These new Alzheimer awareness bracelets can actually trigger an alarm when the patient crosses a certain point. These bracelets work much like the security systems in stores that get triggered when someone walks out the door with merchandise that still has the security tag attached.

Tiny global satellite positioning (GSP) chips have been made to fit into the newest models of Alzheimer awareness bracelets, meaning that if the patient wanders off, the bracelet can be easily tracked, just like stolen cars.

These Alzheimer awareness bracelets are not meant to be degrading or embarrassing to the patients. Many of them come in very stylish models with crystal beads and charms, and for the men, there are thick silver chain styles. Some are also made of nylon and come in a variety of colors. Alzheimer awareness bracelets are simply meant as a safeguard for the patients in case something happens to them and they are admitted to an emergency room without their caregiver, or if they should leave the home at inappropriate times. They can be lifesavers to those patients whose caregivers obviously cannot watch over them twenty-four hours per day.

Many brands of Alzheimer awareness bracelets also donate a portion of their prices to Alzheimer research funding, so you are not only protecting your patient, you are supporting a wonderful cause as well.