Help And Hope For Living With Skin Allergies

Our skin is the largest organ that we have, and most of us desire to take as good of care of this organ as we possibly can. We like for our skin to look radiant and smooth, supple and healthy. Yet, many live daily with a variety of skin disorders which are often caused by an allergic reaction. Skin allergies are not only unattractive to the eye, they can also be quite painful depending on the type of allergy. Still, hope and help is available to those who deal with this irritating disorder.

Skin Allergy Causes And Treatments

Many factors may be involved in causing skin allergies in an individual. One very common cause of skin allergies is using chemical household cleaners. The chemicals which are used in these products are often very harsh on the hands, and unless one is wearing gloves while cleaning, these chemicals can cause rashes and even burns to occur. Using natural cleaning supplies is one solution to this type of skin allergy, as the ingredients are non-toxic in most cases and made of less harmful materials. Another cause of skin allergies is a latex sensitivity. Those who wear latex gloves may be sensitive to the latex that is used in manufacturing these gloves. Rashes, bumps, and other problems occur when the latex comes in contact with the skin. Itching can be severe as well with this type of reaction.

Other reasons for skin allergies include sensitivity to certain foods and other environmental factors, such as dust or pollen. Food sensitivities commonly cause skin allergies, yet they are difficult to diagnose because of the delayed reaction that is often seen. Sometimes, a rapid onset of hives will occur after a certain food has been ingested, yet more often, eczema will develop if a food is continually eaten. Dairy is particularly problematic in many individuals, especially infants and children. The person is usually reacting to the protein in the milk itself called casein, and this reaction causes underlying skin irritations such as rashes and dermatitis. Citrus, wheat, peanuts, and eggs are other common allergenic foods that can cause skin allergies to erupt. Pollen can actually affect the skin, but most often causes wheezing and asthmatic type of reactions, as does dust.

There are a variety of treatments one can try, both natural and conventional. Certain creams and lotions are available which help to reduce the inflammatory response. Also, certain drugs can help to soothe the pain and redness of the skin as well. No matter what approach is chosen, help is available for overcoming this common and problematic disorder.