Dairy Allergies: No More Milk, Cheese Or Any Other Dairy Products Ever Again?

The moment you find out you have dairy allergies, it is almost devastating. At least it is for those who love their dairy products. Can you imagine being told that you can't ever have milk, cheese or any other dairy product ever again without suffering? That suffering varies from person to person when it comes to dairy allergies. For instance, one person could get major migraines after they drink a glass of milk while another gets very bad intestinal pain. Depending on the severity of your dairy allergies, you should be able to enjoy dairy by following a certain dairy allergy diet and prevention plan.

Dairy Allergy Diet And Prevention Plan

First of all, you have to determine if you are, in fact, allergic to dairy products. The first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with an allergist. An allergist will test you to determine if you have dairy allergies. They will test you with small amounts of dairy products to see if you have a reaction.

If you do have a reaction, usually your skin will turn red and inflamed, that's when your allergist will inform you of your specific allergy and should give you a dairy allergy diet and prevention plan.

The most common dairy allergy diet and prevention plan is to refrain from the dairy products that cause you the most discomfort. This is different for each person with dairy allergies. For example, some people may have dairy allergies when it comes to milk but they may be fine when they eat ice cream. That would mean that there is something specific in the milk you're drinking that might not be in the ice cream you're eating that is causing you to have a dairy allergy reaction.

Your allergist may also prescribe certain dairy allergy supplements, such as products for those with lactose intolerance. This may help in some cases, but again, it all depends on the severity of the dairy allergies.

Talk to your allergist to determine if you have dairy allergies. Then, if you do in fact have them, ask your allergist how you can enjoy life and still enjoy dairy products, even though you have dairy allergies. For, just because you have allergies, doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up dairy products altogether. If you enjoy dairy products, you'll find a way to enjoy them without the discomfort or pain of an allergy attack.