Cat Allergy Symptoms: Are You Constantly Sneezing Around Your Feline Friend?

It shouldn't be very hard to determine if you are allergic to cats. Many people are allergic to cats and know this fact, despite never having seen an allergist. That's because, whenever a cat is around, they have a bad allergic reaction. It doesn't take a genius to deduce that it's your feline that is causing your discomfort. What are cat allergy symptoms, however, and what do you need to do to alleviate them, without having to get rid of your trusted friend?

Some Symptoms To Look Out For

If, when you come in contact with a cat or cat fur, you start sneezing uncontrollably or your eyes start watering, these are the most common forms of cat allergy symptoms. However, depending on the severity of your cat allergy, you may exhibit some cat allergy symptoms that are much worse than the above nuisances. For example, some people can have such bad cat allergy symptoms that they require immediate medical attention. These cat allergy symptoms are so severe, for some people, that they must avoid cats altogether.

If you have cat allergy symptoms and you don't want to get rid of your cat, there may be certain medicines or supplements you can take to at least lessen some of the symptoms you are experiencing. However, if you have tried everything and you still can't find relief from your cat allergy symptoms, you may have to get rid of your cat, such as giving it to a friend who you know will take care of it properly, or you may have to try and get him or her adopted by another loving family.

Just remember, your cat allergy symptoms are not your cat's fault and the cat shouldn't be punished. It's your body and your system that is exhibiting these symptoms and you should still show your cat the love they deserve. Cat allergy symptoms are not fun in most cases but if they're not that bad, you might be able to learn to live with your cat, despite your allergic reactions. If you truly love your cat, and your cat loves you, you should be able to look past your cat allergy symptoms. See an allergist about any help you may be able to receive for your symptoms so that you don't have to get rid of your pet, which is unthinkable for most people with pets.