Sneezing And Coughing At Night? You Could Have An Allergy To Down Comforters

Many people have allergies and have no idea that they have them. They may know that they feel discomfort or they may have attacks at certain times, but they really don't know what's causing them. Unless you are tested by an allergist, it can be very hard to determine if you have an allergy, let alone what you may be allergic to. If you are having allergic attacks at night and you have a down comforter, you may have an allergy to down comforters. If you're like most, that thought probably never even crossed your mind.

Get Tested By A Certified Allergist

If you are coughing, sneezing, or have worse symptoms, at night, when you're comfortably laying in your bed, it could literally be anything that's causing your discomfort. If you have pets, it could be the pet hair on your pillow or bed covers. If you have plants in your bedroom, it could be caused by those. Only by being tested by an allergist can you determine if you have an allergy to down comforters.

If you can't afford to see an allergist, try switching bed covers for a few nights. If you replace your down comforter with a regular bed spread, and you wake up in the morning feeling great, without any allergy symptoms, then you may have an allergy to down comforters. The allergy to down comforters comes from an allergy to the down feathers that make the down comforters so soft. This down isn't just found in comforters, however, it can also be found in pillows and other things made for the bed that are designed to be as soft as possible.

All Is Not Lost, You Can Still Be Comfortable At Night

If you have replaced your down comforter and you don't experience any allergic reactions, you have an allergy to down comforters. However, you don't have to suffer with uncomfortable bed clothes. There are imitation down comforters you can get that will help you sleep comfortably at night without exacerbating your allergy to down comforters. These imitation down comforters are made of materials that won't cause you to have a reaction but are still soft enough that you may not know the difference.

Of course, people buy down for a reason, because it's as soft as can be. You may not feel your imitation down comforter is as comfortable at first, but you'll get used to it. The thing you have to keep in mind is that just because you have an allergy to down comforters, that doesn't mean you have to suffer at night. Make a few changes and keep a positive attitude and roll with the punches. Get yourself some different bed covers and learn to live with your allergy to down comforters.