Searching For Long-Lasting Allergy Relief

You are out in a busy store and someone sneezes in your general direction. Before you can even say, "Bless you!" they proceed to tell you how their "allergies" are so bad this time of year. It seems that everyone has allergies of one kind or another and that people are looking desperately for relief to this common malady, yet a simple answer is not readily available. Yet, there is hope for finding allergy relief through natural and alternative means, as well as short-term relief with medications and over-the-counter drugs as well.

Natural Approaches For Allergy Relief

As an alternative to prescription allergy medications and over-the-counter drugs, many people are seeking help for controlling their allergies by natural and alternative methods and treatments. The first helpful approach that many look to is that of herbal remedies. Various herbs offer help for allergy relief, such as garlic. Garlic helps to draw inflammation out of the body in areas such as the sinuses and lungs. It helps to expel excess mucus as well, helping the overall allergy symptom to be reduced. Other herbs such as slippery elm also have soothing qualities to the intestinal lining, which help to alleviate many allergic reactions from foods.

Making positive changes in one's diet can also affect the sensitivity of allergic reactions as well. Often, people are allergic to a food that they are ingesting, yet they have no idea that this is what is causing their symptoms. Allergy relief comes when they are tested for food allergies and eliminate those indefinitely from their diet. The most common sources of food allergies are dairy, wheat, eggs, citrus and peanuts. When a person adopts a healthier diet of whole foods, fruits, clean meats and vegetables, then they begin to experience allergy relief that they have never known possible. Other treatments that are being used for allergy relief are acupuncture, iridology, and massage therapy. Each of these therapies has good qualities that will help a person to overcome serious and chronic allergies.

Minerals, vitamins and other supplements can also be of use when it comes to allergy relief. Ensuring that one gets the proper amount of calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish or flax oil are very important in helping to maintain and healthy immune system to keep the body running smoothly. Taking B-vitamins and a good multi-vitamin can also be useful when trying to get allergies under control. Overall, good, sound help, advice, and relief can be found by natural and dietary intervention to bring about a healthy change for the future.