Know about Portable Air Conditioning Rental

If you have a temporary need for cooling a space—for a party, a special family gathering, or another event—portable air conditioning rental can be a great solution to provide comfort and enjoyment in spaces that would be impossible or impractical to cool by other, conventional means. Portable air conditioning systems can be obtained from various commercial heating and cooling specialty companies, and also from many local supply rental companies. Before you sign the rental agreement, however, there are some things you ought to know about portable air conditioning for your rental to be successful and satisfying.

Know What You Need

The most important consideration in portable air conditioning rental is matching the cooling power of the unit to the size of the space you're using. Generally, the smallest units are about 7,500 BTUs and can cool spaces up to about 150 square feet. The largest units generally available for rental have capacities of about 12,000 BTUs, enough to cool about 350 square feet. While specialized equipment exists that can serve large industrial or commercial applications, most individual needs will be served by one of the smaller units just described. Therefore, depending on the size of your space, you may require more than one cooler to produce an adequate level of comfort for your event or purpose.


Some smaller units are ventless: they have no drainage hose for the condensate that is produced from the process by which air conditioners dehumidify room air. For these units, you will either periodically remove the condensate pan and empty it, or, in the case of some units (like the Amcor AMW 12000e) with a non-removable pan, you must physically tip the unit to drain the water, which can be a bit awkward. For most units, however, there is an exhaust or drain hose that carries the condensate and warmer air outside. These hoses are usually passed through a window, which is then insulated using the foam kits that come with such units (duct tape may also be required). If you are cooling a space that has a floor drain, such as some garages, you can just allow the condensate to run off that way.

Where to Shop

A variety of online and local sources exist where you can obtain pricing and advice about portable air conditioning rental. One good place to start gathering information is at Just key in "portable air conditioning" to the search box, and you'll be directed to a very informative page that includes links to several different equipment dealers and rental sources. Another site that focuses on rental vendors is; many different vendors are listed, providing everything from party rentals to specialized industrial and commercial applications and equipment.