A Guide to Heating and Air Conditioning

Modern offices and homes have sophisticated plumbing and mechanical systems to deliver cooling, heating and ventilation services. Efficiency of room air-conditioner is measured by SEER, which is BTU/hr output divided by watts of electricity the unit uses. This gives you the idea of how much heat you get out from the unit compared to electricity being put into it. Higher the value of SEER, lesser the electricity being consumed by air conditioner.

Heating and Air Conditioning Tips

When the air-conditioner is on, make sure to shut off the bath, kitchen and ventilating fans after they have finished their job to increase their efficiency. The most common substance that is used in residential air-conditioners is Freon and it is illegal and punishable to vent it to the open air.

When you want a rapid temperature change, it is advisable to not set the thermostat higher or lower than desired temperature. This will not change temperature any faster but will only make the system work longer.

Cooling efficiency of heat pump is measured by SEER rating. Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) measures the heating efficiency of heat pump. HSPF of at least 8 and SEER of 12 or higher is considered high efficiency.

While cleaning the heating and air conditioning system, do not try to clean the condenser coil without turning off the power.

Hiring A Heating And Air Conditioning Professional

Most of the homeowners feel that hiring a professional for the heating and air conditioning is a painful process. But there are few simple things that must be kept in mind to so that you get a professional and experienced contractor without getting cheated in the entire process.

The first and most important thing you must do to hire heating and air conditioning professional is to check the qualification and credentials. Legitimate professionals will happily share this information but if the person is reluctant to share any background, it is better not to hire one.

Ask for the certificate of insurance and make sure that the material used by the contractor is of good quality. Always be cautious of the heating and air conditioning contractors who ask for substantial down payments or ask for the checks made out to someone other than the name of the firm on invoice or contract.

It is advisable to insist on the waiver of lien from all the subcontractors who will be supplying labour and materials for the heating and air conditioning unit. If your contractor does not pay the subcontractors, they might enforce a mechanic's lien against your property preventing you from selling it.