A Guide to Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

Many manufacturers are offering Heating and air conditioning units and they suit nearly every situation. Two most important considerations when buying a unit are its efficiency and cooling capacity, but buying the biggest and most efficient system may not always be the best choice as there is much more to it than that.

Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Overview

If you are installing a split system, some of the components will be installed indoors and others outdoors. The noisiest, heaviest and heat shedding parts such as condenser-coil and compressor are kept outdoors and evaporator coil is installed indoors. If your house has been built without ductwork, you can install a ductless central heating and air conditioning unit where a single outdoor compressor serves many smaller evaporator coils that are located indoors and each has its own box with a blower fan.

Ductless systems can also provide heat through resistance coil in wall units and they distribute the air more evenly without blocking the window.

All the cooling and heating technology in heating and air conditioning unit grows from the law of thermal dynamics which states that when cold and hot spaces are separated by a medium, the transfer through this medium will be from hot to cold.

Other Aspects Of Heating And Air Conditioning Unit

When buying a heating and air conditioning unit, make sure that it has adjustable thermostat, two cooling and two heating speeds, two fan speeds and energy efficient setting. There should also be an adjustable vent that allows you to aim the air. Filter should be easily accessible for removal and cleaning. Make sure that you get at least five years warranty with one year full replacement warranty.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (ERR) of the unit should be high and you should buy the heating and air conditioning unit of suitable capacity and type with highest ERR if you have the budget. Before buying, check the unit on the on-line rating services and do the price comparison. Check out the manufacturer's sites for any rebates or discounts being offered.

Where To Buy Heating And Air Conditioning Unit

As these units are heavy, it is best to buy them locally. Make sure that you buy from the authorized dealer who will honour the rebates and warrantees. You can also check the deals over internet and look for companies offering free home delivery. For installation of the heating and air conditioning unit, make sure to get the licensed and insured installer and check the credibility with Better Business Bureau. For heating and air conditioning repairs as well, it is advisable to call the professional. But, you can do the regular maintenance yourself such as making sure that the draining is working fine, unit is not leaking, checking the hose connections for any kind of leaks or cracks and making sure that the condensate tube is draining without impediment.