A Guide To Heating And Air Conditioning Service

Learning some basics about heating and air conditioning will help you save money and time when looking for a local contractor for its servicing. When buying a heating and air conditioning unit, it is important to select the right company, right size of the equipment, appropriate design and appropriate unit with efficiency rating and features. To get a good start in maintaining a new system, it is a good idea to sign up for annual maintenance.

Heating And Air Conditioning Service

Heating and air conditioning equipment can be classified in two categories: central and portable air conditioning. Achieving a healthy and comfortable environment for your home involves much more than just heating or cooling the air. You need to take care of air purifiers, air filters, air duct cleaning, humidifier and dehumidifier and issues related to carbon monoxide.

If you are planning to purchase an old home, you might consider getting the air conditioning and heating system inspected. Utility bills and energy prices are on the rise and using the energy efficiently should be the main focus.

Heating and air conditioning service calls for several repairs including estimates. It is not possible to give telephonic estimates, as they will not be accurate. Most of the companies have specific charges for each work such as trip charge, price of refrigerant etc. But it is always advisable to get the physical inspection done to get the most accurate quote.

Heating and air conditioner is a tough piece of equipment but it needs regular time-ups to run properly and efficiently and failing to do so makes it loose around 5% of its efficiency. A timely annual heating and air conditioning service will save you on the electricity bill and repair costs.

Some Important Tips For Heating And Air Conditioning Service

The heating and air conditioning service should include checking the amp draw of the compressor, cleaning the condensing unit coils, checking that belts are well adjusted, oiling the fan motors, and checking the system operating temperature and pressure against manufacturer's specifications. Coolant level in the air conditioner or Freon is the most important item to check and it is mandatory to it every year.

If your unit has less coolant, some more must be added to it but there are laws governing its use. First, the leak in the system must be found and fixed, only then, Freon can be added. This law must not be violated else the license of the service provider can be cancelled.

Annual heating and air conditioning service is very important even for most reliable and complicated equipments. The lost efficiency is recovered, life span is increased, comfort is increased, operating cost becomes less and likelihood of breaking down reduces.