Why You May Want To Switch To Ductless Central Air Conditioning

If you currently are looking to add air conditioning to your home, a ductless central air conditioning has many things to offer that you could not get from a normal, duct air conditioning unit. This article will take a look at some of the benefits of a ductless air conditioning system so that you can be better informed as to what will work best for.

Major Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning System

The first benefit is how un-invasive it is. If you have a home that is older and does not have intricate duct work then using a ductless central air conditioning system is by far and away the way to go. In some cases though the reason for installing may not be so cut and dry so you need to see what the direct benefits are.

The first benefit is the cost. For the most part a ductless central air conditioning system will cost you less then a duct one. The reason for this is simple physics. In a duct system, most time the evaporator will be in the basement. This means that the cold are that is down load needs to be pumped up and around to the rest of the house. It requires a significant amount of energy to do this. With a ductless system if you properly place the evaporator you can use gravity to move the air down and through your home or business. By using gravity you are not having to expend energy to move the air and therefore not having any cost.

The next reason that a ductless central air conditioning system is a good investment is also tied to cost, but is not a direct number. Ductless systems are far easier to work on and generally do not require expensive costs for repair. Many times the problem can be quickly and easily diagnosed right at the source. In addition because the system has to be easily accessible they usually are much easier to work on. Compared with the expensive cost of a duct system the cost and ease of repair are making ductless systems more and more popular.

A ductless central air conditioning system may not be for everyone, but these key benefits do make them desirable to many people. Many times a duct system also will kick up a lot of dust and other debris that is trapped in the ducts. With a ductless system this is not a problem. Just simply turn it on and away you go.