What Is Ductless Air Conditioning?

If you are wondering what a ductless air conditioning system is and whether or not you can use it in your home this articles is hear to help. The basic concept of a ductless air conditioner is no different from a normal one and they come in both ductless central air conditioning and non central models. Ductless air conditioning, like normal air conditioning works by transferring the heat from the indoor air to the outside and transferring the coldness from the outdoor air to the inside. The actual components of a ductless air conditioning system however are far different from a non ductless one.

Differences In Components From A Ductless Air Conditioning Unit And A Normal Unit

A ductless air conditioning system, includes both an outdoor and unit with line sets connecting them. The outdoor unit typically houses the condensing coil, the compressor, and the expansion valve. This also has a fan to cool the condenser coil. On the indoor unit is the evaporator and a fan for airflow. Usually the two units are connected by copper tubing to transfer the refrigeration coolant.

Most people will choose to go with ductless air conditioning because it can be much more efficient. The reason for this is simple. In most cases a duct system will have to take the colder, heavier air down into the basement then force it back up into the house. A ductless system places the evaporator up high and lets the cold air naturally fall down without having to use any blowers to move it. By using gravity, a ductless air conditioning system can save a ton of energy.

This unit will be able to cool an entire home if installed properly. You must use the natural convection of the home to move the air around, but if you set up your system in the right spot you should have no problems cooling your entire home. In addition you can also add ductless heat pumps to the air conditioning system to completely heat and cool your home without having any ductwork.

The other great thing about ductless air conditioning is how reliable and easy the system is to work on. There is a lot less stress placed on the overall system when you are using a ductless air conditioning system. These units allow you to heat and cool your home with little evasion, less cost, and higher reliability. If you are interested contact an installer and take a look at one today.