Installing A Ductless Air Conditioning System

If you are considering getting a ductless air conditioning system for your home but not sure if you can install it yourself this guide is here to help. The steps to installing one are simple, but you have to follow them exactly or your ductless air conditioning system will not keep your house cool.

Steps To Installing A Ductless Air Conditioning System

The thing you need to do before you even get started is try to find as much info on the unit that you are installing as possible. Many times the manufacturer will have a manual and documentation that you can download and print. Get this as soon as you can and get printed copies so that you will have something to refer back to. This information will be invaluable as you set up and install your ductless air conditioning unit.

After you have all your information in order, the first step in your ductless air conditioning system install is to choose a location outside for the condenser unit. This will have the compressor and it needs to be located on a level surface that is at least a floor away from the exterior of your home. For best results, simply install a concrete slab that you can place the unit on. There should be specific instructions how to place the condenser unit on the concrete pad from the manufacturer.

Next you need to follow the directions on where to place the interior unit. For most this means installation somewhere near the top of your house. I you have someplace high you can put it this is best because you want the air to circulate from top to bottom. After this you will need to cut a hole in the wall that is at least three inches in diameter. You can use a hole or reciprocating saw and again refer back to the manufacturer directions for any special instructions. Run the copper tubing and refrigerant lines from the condenser to the interior unit.

You will then need to install the mounting plate for your ductless air conditioning system. There should be a reference height that is provided by the manufacturer. The better you install this part of the unit the less noise it will make, so take your time to do this step properly. Lastly connect all of the mechanical components up. For this part you may want to call on a licensed electrician or plumber. In some cases if you decide to install this part yourself it will void the warranty.