Ductless Air Conditioning Cost - A Quick Look

Many people these days are searching to find ways to save money on heating and air conditioning. When they begin looking, ductless air conditioning cost comes up as an effective way to reduce the overall cost of ownership for air conditioning systems. In many part of the United States having air conditioning is practically a necessity, and for these areas the ductless air conditioning cost is very attractive.

Why Ductless Air Conditioning Costs Less

There are a couple reasons why ductless air conditioning costs less. Some are direct reasons, while others are more abstract. The first reason that ductless air conditioning costs less is simple physics. Hot air rises, cool air sinks. In a ductless air conditioning system the cooler is placed at the top of the house and the cold air sinks and spreads throughout the home. With a standard duct system many times the evaporator is in the basement and the blower has to push the air up into the house. What this means is a higher energy bill as the blowers are forced to try to make the cold air go up when it naturally wants to go down. This can lead to increased energy costs, especially with prolonged use.

The second reason that a ductless air conditioning cost is less then a normal duct one is because the cost to maintain a duct based system is generally higher. For a ductless system there are less moving parts and for those that are there they are easier to trouble shoot and maintain. There also is not the duct work to interfere with the operation. Ducts can cause problems by getting clogged or having leaks in them.

In addition ducts are not the most efficient way to bring in air, as the air not only has to cool the duct area down in addition to the home, but the duct also has to be insulated on top of the house in order to ensure a constant temperature.

Finally, for the most part to install and set up a ductless air conditioning system costs less then a duct one, especially in a home with no pre existing duct work. In those cases it is much cheaper to go with a ductless system. There are many different kinds of ductless systems so costs will vary, but in general they are cheaper then their duct versions. Because of these reasons ductless systems are becoming more and more common.