A Guide To Central Heating And Air Conditioning

Central heating is important in the places where winters can be chilly and this system can be powered by gas, oil, electricity, solid fuel and solar power. The primary heating appliance is located in garage or basement and the heat is delivered throughout the house with the help of air ducts or sending steam or water through pipers to convectors or room radiators. Whatever form of heating is used, it is important to have good insulation in the house else almost 60% of the generated heat is lost through roof and walls.

In the regions where summer temperatures can reach over 40°C, people prefer to install air-conditioners. An air-conditioner system with heat pump gives cooling in the summer and heating in the winters.

Humidifiers and De-humidifiers

Central heating and air conditioning systems considerably dry the air and it may have some negative effects on the health of your family. People who suffer from ailments such as asthma or cough should install humidifiers as they pass moisture to the air. Humidifiers can be as simple as containers of simple water hung from radiators to battery or electrical-operated devices. If you use humidifier that does not generate steam, it is important to disinfect them occasionally with a liquid available at chemist shops.

On the other hand, if cause of concern is high level of humidity, it is worth installing de-humidifiers especially in bedrooms so that clothes and linens do not get mouldy. De-humidifiers can be very useful in the coastal areas where humidity levels can be very high, especially during winters.

Central Heating And Air Conditioning

Central heating and air conditioning are forced air systems where cooled and humidified air is delivered through same registers and ductwork used by heated air. Air conditioner runs on electricity, removing heat from the air using basic refrigeration principles. Heat pump can provide both cooling and heating effects. During winters, heat from the outside air is extracted by heat pump and delivered indoors. During summers, it extracts the heat from the air inside the room and pumps it outdoor to make the house cooler.

If you are planning to install a new central heating and air conditioning unit, choose a good heating and air conditioning contractor, as proper installation and maintenance is important for the equipment to run safely and effectively.

Most of the heat pumps are powered by electricity. The outdoor condenser/ compressor unit is connected with tubing filled with refrigerant to the indoor air handler. Refrigerant moves through the system completing basic refrigeration cycle, cooling and warming the coils inside air handler and blower circulates air in the room.

Central Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

With proper maintenance, central heating and air conditioning should last 12-14 years. It is important to have routine maintenance such as making sure that the unit is not leaking and draining is working, as it should. Too much water should not be allowed to remain in the system. Check the hose connections for any cracks or leaks and make sure that condensate tube is draining without impediment. It is important to change the filter every 4-5 weeks.