Central Air Conditioning Is More Efficient And Effective

The best way to cool the temperature down inside a building is to use central air conditioning, which besides making things cool inside a home, will also dehumidify the air which is especially important when the weather happens to be very hot and humid. When it comes to choosing central air conditioning there are two choices to be made: you can go for split systems or you can opt for cabinet-based units.

Split Systems

The split central air conditioning system is made up of two parts which includes an outdoor part that has the compressor as well as condenser and there is an indoor part that comprises of the evaporated coil and the furnace. Obviously, the indoor part is mounted within a room while the outdoor part is installed outside of the building.

The cabinet-based central air conditioning unit consists of only one main unit (the cabinet) into which all of the air conditioning parts are installed. Such units are generally located on a window shelf and are small in size as well as very efficient in terms of their capability to cool small buildings.

However, there no doubts the fact that a central air conditioning unit functions more smoothly as well as effectively and also more efficiently than any ordinary room air conditioner. In addition, central air conditioning means quieter operations as well as greater convenience and the electricity bills will not be so high as these units are good energy savers.

The unit in which heat output from a central air conditioning unit is measured is known as the British thermal unit or BTU and this also refers to the amount of electricity used up by the unit. Lower BTU means a better central air conditioning system and in fact the ideal BTU reading for such systems should be twelve thousand BTU per ton of the air conditioners capacity.

Before purchasing a central air conditioning unit you should ensure that its EER (energy efficiency ratio) is high; the unit comes with variable controls in regard to its speed of operation and ventilation, and the unit must also operate quietly and silently.

When it gets too hot within a room or building the best solution as far as making things cool and comfortable within is to install a central air conditioning system. This kind of air conditioning is convenient and also more efficient as compared with installing single air conditioner units inside each room of a building.