Doing Your Auto Air Conditioning Repair On Your Own

Before you can do any auto air conditioning repair you need to understand a bit how your system works. By understanding these basics you can best accomplish your auto air conditioning repair tasks. There are many intricate components to an auto air conditioning repair job and many of these are completely unique to the auto system. What this means is that while some of the basic applications will remain the same, when looking at an auto versus a central air conditioning repair there are certain things to keep in mind.

Things To Understand Before You Begin Your Auto Air Conditioning Repair

The first thing you need to know is how the air conditioning system works and what could be going wrong with it. At the center of the auto air conditioning repair is the compressor. If you were to compare the system to your body the compressor would be your heart. Taking that analogy further for your auto air conditioning repair project, the Freon is the blood of the system. The compressor pumps Freon throughout the air conditioning system. Freon is a gas and liquid combination that is compressed and circulated through the air conditioning system. Because it is passed by pressure through different sized metal and rubber hoses the gas will expand and contract. This process makes the Freon gas extremely cold.

Once chilled in this way the gas will make its way through metal lines to the dash of your vehicle and into the evaporator core. An evaporator core looks like a small radiator, except that is has cold Freon inside and not hot anti freeze. A small fan called the air conditioning blower fan sits in front of the evaporator core and blows air across this then out through the vents in your vehicle.

The other part of the air conditioning unit that you need to be aware of is the condenser side. This part will remove heat from inside of the vehicle and also works with Freon to do this. This part is called the Air Conditioning condenser and is located at the front of the car. This part looks the evaporator coil and serves a similar function in that it has cold Freon going through it. However it is designed to take heat away, not to bring cold in, a Subtle difference between the two.

As you can see there are many important components to your auto air conditioning repair job. By understanding how all these components interact you can better troubleshoot your problems.